2022 Finland Scholarship and Fees Waiver at University of Eastern Finland – UEF

2022 Finland Scholarship and Fees Waiver at University of Eastern Finland – UEF

2022 Finland Scholarship and Fees Waiver at University of Eastern Finland – UEF

Students from the developing countries have been increasingly interested to study in Finland. Evidently, students from India, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, the Philippines, and other countries have been choosing Finland as key study-abroad destination. Likewise, North Karelia region and the University of Eastern Finland want to bring those students there. Such approach is also reflected by the scholarships offered by the University of Eastern Finland – UEF. As a result, one can witness significant Indian, Filipino, Bangladeshi, Nigerian, Pakistani and Nepali students at the UEF campuses in 2 cities of North Karelia region – Joensuu and Kuopio. Furthermore in 2022, the most ideal scholarship for them at UEF is ‘Finland Scholarship’. Additionally, UEF also offers fees waivers for all new international students in 2022.


University of Eastern Finland – UEF has been an emerging young university of Finland. Furthermore, it has been developing as a competent institution of higher education in Finland. As a result, the study and research programmes led by the university have been proving to be transforming the scene of science, business, education and forestry.

UEF offers various study (and research) programmes in English language and Finnish langauge. Basically, international students enroll in the programmes whose medium of instruction is English. The university also offers exchange programmes, and summer schools. Like many other institutions of higher education in Finland, the university is also part of popular culture of continuous education and open university.

Study programmes eligible for the scholarships in 2022

Basically, all the study programmes at UEF are eligible for the 2022 scholarships that are mentioned below.

Scholarships for EU/EEA students in 2022

The students from EU / EEA do not need to pay tuition fees at University of Eastern Finland for any programme / semester.

Scholarships for Non-EU/EEA students in 2022

Students from outside EU or EEA are being attracted to the University of Eastern Finland because of the university’s generous support. In this case, there are 2 types of support from UEF and Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture.

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2022 Finland Scholarship (Suomi-Stipendi)

Finland Scholarship (Suomi-stipendi) is the national Finland Scholarship Programme supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture. At UEF, the current scholarship programme will continue till the study start of 2024. To be eligible for 2022 Finland Scholarship, you must be a citizen from non-EU/EEA.

Features of 2022 Finland Scholarship (Suomi-Stipendi) at UEF

  • Provided to top 2 candidates for each study programme at UEF.
  • Here, the concerned department will use their own evaluation criteria to select the 2 best candidates for each programme of study.
  • Waiver of first year tuition fees at the university (Euros 8000 to 1000). However, the general tuition fees waivers (see below) will also be applicable to these students during the second year.
  • Relocation grant (Euros 5000)
  • Total value (Euros 13000 to 15000)

Fee Waivers in 2022

All new admitted students for the academic intake September 2022 will get 50 – 70 % fee waivers. To keep the fee waiver scheme also for the consecutive years of study, a student must complete a minimum of 55 ECTS in the previous academic year. Additionally, UEF offers an Early-bird deduction (of Euros 500) to those who pay the fees of the first semester within the stipulated deadline.

How to apply?

To get the general fees waiver, you do not need to apply separately. Also, to apply for Finland Scholarship (Suomi-stipendi), you just need to mention in the admissions’ application form that you are also applying for the scholarship. To apply for the admissions, you must send the form and relevant admission documents via the web-portal called studyinfo.fi.


Picture of premises of Kuopio Campus, UEF: Tiia Monto | Wikimedia Commons

UEF Logo (Artistic Version): Mikhail Popov 333 | Wikimedia Commons

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Flag of Finland: Image by DavidRockDesign from Pixabay


This article relies on the information provided by the University of Eastern Finland – UEF. We must expect that they might be making slight changes in their plans and approaches. Hence, please feel free to visit their page.

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