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Chevening Scholarship for students-Studying in the UK is a dream for students around the world. Studying in the UK isn’t that easy but Chevening Scholarship can make it easier for you. Chevening Scholarship has made it easier for willing and eligible students to study in the UK. Chevening Scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship program for the postgraduate degree program.

Chevening Scholarship provides you with the opportunity of pursuing any master’s degree course for a year program at any university in the UK. Foreign, commonwealth, and Development office (FCDO) and its partner organizations are working behind this scholarship award. Chevening Scholarship for students enables them to pursue any master degree’s course in the UK in a fully-funded program.

Chevening Scholarship UK

Why Study in the UK?

  • Since, a master’s degree in Uk is a one-year program, Studying in the UK is shorter than in many other countries in the world.
  • Affordable and Students friendly environment for the international students.
  • Provides you with a wide range of subjects and faculties.
  • Helps you improve your skills and Personality as well as professional skills.
  • The UK is a gateway to the best universities in the world, so we can find diversity among the students.
  • Fully facilitated universities with Passionate, helpful, and friendly staff.
  • A board study on arts, culture, and literature.
  • Well, facilitation of Sports and amazing outdoors.
  • A variety of courses to provide you with a lot of scopes in the career orientation.

Period of Scholarship

The Chevening scholarship is a one-year scholarship program only for the postgraduate degree. All the budget for living and studying in that one-year period is funded by the Scholarship program.

Why Chevening?

One should apply for the Chevening scholarship for getting enrolled in the best universities in the world. One can get proper guidance in his career along with a scholarship. Students around the world can be benefitted from Chevening Scholarship by pursuing the right course eligible for the scholarship.

Details of the Scholarship

  • Supporting Organization – Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office(FCDO) and its partner organization.
  • The Scholarship Award-Scholarship program doesn’t have a specified prize amount, those awarded the scholarship get a fully-funded scholarship for pursuing a year-long master’s degree.
  • Chevening Scholarship aims to produce global future leaders around the world and more than 50,000 students around the world have benefitted from the scholarship program and studied in the UK.
  • Scholarship awards the facilities to the only person receiving the scholarship, not to his/her family or any members associated with him/her.
  • Scholarships do not allow any students to stay in the UK. Students must return to their own country after two years of the scholarship.

Who can Apply?

Chevening Scholarship is awarded to the citizens that are residing in the Chevening-eligible countries, who must have completed their undergraduate studies and applied for three different University Courses in the UK. Also, the applicants are required to possess a work experience of a minimum of two years.

Besides, Chevening is not a typical scholarship for a faculty, course, or community. The scholarship is for those who possess the vision and ideas to be the next global leaders which is also the objective of the scholarship award.

Chevening Scholarship are eligible in over 160 countries and territories including some of the developed, under developed and developing countries around the world.

Who Cannot Apply?

People residing in the UK having British citizenship are not eligible to apply for the award. Also, the candidates are not eligible if they come from a non-Chevening eligible territory and hold refugee status in such countries. Besides that applicants who have already studied under the British government, funding program is also ineligible to apply for the scholarship program.

Timeline of scholarship Application

Chevening Scholarship Scheme undergoes its process from opening the application form to selecting the eligible candidates in the minimum time frame of eight months. Here are the steps of the Chevening Selection Process with an approximate time frame.

  • Chevening Scholarship Application Form opens on the first week of August. Applicants can apply for the scholarship program before the end of the deadline. The deadline for closing the application form dates nearly two months on the first week of November.
  • After the deadlines, all the criteria of the applicants are checked and all the ineligible applications are shifted and the eligible applications move to the next procedure.
  • All the eligible applicants are selected and they are made to face the reading committee assessments where their scores and rankings are sent to the high commission for the selection process. Assessment held from mid-November to early December.
  • Then the shortlisting process starts and from early to mid-February, the eligible candidates or applicants are shortlisted for the interview. Interviews are taken by the local British embassy.
  • The shortlisted candidates are required to submit their references and education documents by early April.
  • Interviews take place in Results that are published in June.
  • The applicants are offered the deadline to receive and submit the University offer until mid of July.
  • Then the selected Candidates are enrolled in the Universities in a fully funded Scholarship Programme and pursue their courses from either September or October.

How to Apply ??

Chevening Scholarship is easy to apply for if one meets all the required criteria to apply for the award. Chevening Scholarship Program adopts the online system of application, where candidates are required to visit the website of Chevening Scholarship where they redirect you to the online application form. You need to fill out the sets of questions provided in the application form. You can access the online application system for the Chevening scholarship by clicking this link-

Here are Key Points to Note while applying for the online form of the scholarship Programme

  • The minimum word criteria for each question is 100 words and the maximum word criteria are 500 words.
  • One should complete the undergraduate program and should have legal educational documents.
  • The answers you provide must be free of plagiarism otherwise, they will be ineligible for the selection process.
  • Once you are in the Online Application System, forwarding and backward of the browser should not be done as it may result in losing the data you provide.
  • Only one application must be submitted by an applicant.

Guidance to the Applicants.

Pursuing a degree in the UK is difficult yet not impossible. With proper guidance and preparation, You can be able to study at the best Universities in the UK with a fully funded Scholarship Program. Candidates applying for the scholarship must be passionate and visionary and hardworking is the key to the get awarded the scholarship.

You should possess all the criteria to become a future global leader. Application, Assessment, and Interview preparations should be done as per the requirements of the Chevening Scholarship Program. One can visit the official Chevening website to gain more information about the scholarship, Its areas of impact, Criteria, and Scheme.

More Details

This article was all about the Chevening scholarship for students. All the details of the application process and information details are as per the British embassies. For more details about the scholarship Programs, visit to

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