Free Food for long Qatar Airways stayover at Hamad International Airport

This travel memoir should not be necessarily taken as a general advice to those who have transits, or longer stayovers at Hamad International Airport. The regulations might vary, for there can be different conditions for every individuals. Additionally, over the time, the rules might change. However, this article should be taken as reference story that we experienced. We are thankful to Qatar Airways for providing 2 meals in two consecutive flights and one meal in between.

Young travelers from developing nations like India, Bangladesh, the Philippines, and Nepal must be the significant demography for Qatar Airways. These travelers have various individual reasons for using Qatar Airways and Hamad International Airport.

Mostly students, young migrant workers, and their visiting relatives from these countries use Qatar Airways and Hamad International Airport together. It means that Qatar Airways brings them to Hamad International Airport from their home country. After certain stopover, it is again Qatar Airways that takes them to their respective destinations.

Our Story

This autumn, we were a group of 4 individuals who had individual purposes for choosing Qatar Airways and Hamad International Airport. Few of us had already used the services by Qatar Airways and Hamad International Airport. In our culture, we are afraid of trying something new. Hence we decided to book flights with Qatar Airways that had Hamad International Airport as stopover place.

11 hours transit at Hamad International Airport ! We were not determined what to do during that period. Yet, we had a general consensus to dine together in a nice restaurant inside the airport. For the purpose, we had brought little hand-cash with us. Before the flight, a cousin of one of our travel mate had told that we could possibly get free meal in the airport. She had said that we would be in pro side as we had Qatar Airways and Hamad International Airport as service providers.

A Boring Stayover

While we were in the transit, we used free areas to try sleeping intermittently. It seemed like ages have passed while we waited and waited for 10 hours to pass. We looked and roamed around the gates to stretch our bodies. Our stories and jokes had drained out of our heads. We complained that we were tired and sleep-deprived. Again, we had nothing to do than wait for the next boarding. The inside environment of the terminal was vibrant and we 4 lousy ones would not lessen the enormity of the positive vibes there.

Suddenly one of us had sparkle in the eyes, elevated the voice tone, and said – Let’s have meal together, aren’t we hungry?

Another replied – Well, my cousin had been suggesting me the provision of free meal here.

A Delight Moment

I went to the nearby information desk and asked the officer there about the ‘free food’. I was confident that we were in pro side given that our airliner (both of the 2 routes) is Qatar Airways. The officer smiled at me and said ‘Yes’ !

The officer showed me a placard that consisted logos of selected restaurants located inside the same terminal which we could use as provider of free meal against ‘free meal coupons’. All we had to do was to show the boarding pass of the second flight. We used the ‘free food coupon’ at the restaurant that served ‘Chicken Biryani’. We also got a bottle of free water.

Qatar Airways Meal Coupon stamped on Boarding Pass
Qatar Airways Meal Coupon stamped on a Boarding Pass

Message to Qatar Airways

Thank you Qatar Airways for making our souls fulfilled and happy !

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