Get Free Police Clearance Certificate in Nepal | How to Get a Police Report in Nepal

Get Free Police Clearance Certificate in Nepal | How to Get a Police Report in Nepal

Get Free Police Clearance Certificate in Nepal | How to Get a Police Report in Nepal

A police clearance certificate is required for various purposes like applying for a student visa, foreign employment, and applying for certain jobs like banking within the nation. Previously, applying for a police report in Nepal was tedious. The applicants needed to be physically present in the police station, wait in a never-ceasing line to fill-up the form and submit them and frequently visit the office before finally getting the police clearance report. But now, applying for police clearance registration is very easy and hassle-free. One can apply for a police report online, from anywhere anytime. One simply needs to follow certain steps to get it done.

In order to further simplify the process, the complete to-do has been distinguished into following steps:

  1. Firstly, go to google.com and search Nepal police reports on the search bar. As a result, you can see many web pages related to police reports. Simply, click on the first link that appears on the web page titled online police clearance registration system or you can simply go to the search bar and enter https://opcr.nepalpolice.gov.np which will directly lead to the webpage of online police registration. 
  2. Once you are on the webpage,  a pop-up box appears with details of photos and documents needed for the police report application.
  3. Close the pop-up box and the login page with mail and password is displayed. In case you are applying for the police report for the first time, click on the register now button. Before signing up, applicants are asked to choose if they are Nepali, foreigners, or refugees. Then, select the suitable option and click on the Next button.

A page appears where applicants are required to enter their personal details such as name, sex, phone, e-mail, and displayed captcha and click on Register.

If the registration is successful, the text “Registration successful” will be displayed. Passwords for logging in to the online police clearance registration system will be sent to the registered email or mobile number.  After this, go to your mail where you will receive mail from opcr@nepalpolice.gov.np with a temporary password. Sometimes, if you are not able to receive the mail in your inbox, go to the spam/junk folder.

4. After receiving the password, go to the police report site and enter the login details provided in the mail. You are required to change the password and log in again.

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After login, a page will be displayed which shows five consecutive steps that should be followed in order to successfully apply for a police report.

a. Personal information.

Under this tab, you need to fill in family details, date of birth, the purpose for applying for the report, and upload a passport size photograph.

Photos should be passport sized, in jpg format  and larger than 50 KB. Address details of citizenship should be mentioned. In the case of a passport, the place of issue provided in page 3 of the passport should be mentioned.

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Note that, a user image sample is shown for reference for the applicants. The image should have a plain background, both ears of the applicants should be visible and the head should cover 50% of the image area. If these requirements are not met, the application will be rejected.

b. Address

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Applicants should enter the address of citizenship in old and new formats. In old formats, address details before the province system should be entered while in the new format, addresses after the province system should be entered.

There is also a tab for the current address where applicants should choose if they are living in Nepal or a foreign nation.

c. Documents

Under this tab, citizenship details should be entered. The citizenship details such as citizenship number, date of issue, and place of issue should be entered. Also, front and back images of citizenship should be uploaded.

If you are married and have a marriage certificate, you should enter the issue date of the certificate and upload its image.

d. Self declaration

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In this section, applicants should enter details of their criminal history. Applicants should choose if they have a criminal history or not.  If yes, certain details should be provided. 

e. Confirmation

This is the last step for online police report registration. On this page, all the previous details entered in the previous pages are shown. At the end of the page, you will find a box where you need to enter a displayed captcha. After you have successfully entered all the details click on to Proceed.

After all the steps are completed, a page with the application ID number, date, and time of the application submitted along with the applicant’s name is displayed. On the right-hand side of the details, you can see the “in progress” status signifying the application is not verified.

Once these steps are successfully completed, applicants will receive a confirmation email of the received application.

When will the police clearance report be ready?

Generally, it takes 5-7 days for verification. You can go to the online police registration system and enter the application details to check the application status.

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If any issues or problems have occurred, the status will be displayed as rejected, else the status will be displayed as Processing

How to know if the police report is ready?

If the verification of the police report application is completed, the status of the application will be shown as Completed. Alongside, a link  Download Certificate will be seen. Just click on the link and your police report will be downloaded.

How to verify the police clearance report?

Just like applying for a police report online, verifying the same is also very easy.  Download the police clearance certificate. At the bottom of the certificate, you will find details of a site you can log in to verify the document. Click on the link which opens to a website. Then, search the certificate entering the dispatch number provided in the certificate, date of birth, and CAPTCHA provided. Document details will be shown with the status as Clear.

For how long is the police clearance report valid?

The police clearance report generated will be valid for one year. If you are required for a police clearance report next year, you need to apply again following the similar process applied while applying for a report the first time.

Documents required for Nepali applicants:

  • Passport size image of the user
  • For applicants below 16 years, a minor certificate is needed. In the case of above 16 years of age applicants, a citizenship certificate is needed.
  • Married applicants should also submit a marriage registration certificate.
  • In case of address change or immigration, the address verification document Basai Sarai should be uploaded.
  • If you are applying for a visa, a passport is mandatory.
  • If the applicant is currently living abroad, a departure document is necessary.
police certificate nepal

Documents required for foreign applicants:

  • user image
  • If the applicant is living in a foreign country, a departure document is needed.
  • If the applicant is previously a Nepali below the age of 16, a minor certificate or citizenship is needed. If the applicant is above 16, a passport is a must.
  • Indian citizens should provide passport or identity verification documents along with Embassy Registration Card and documents required to stay in Nepal.
  • In the case of other foreign applicants, current passport and visa documents are needed.

Documents required for refugees:

  • user image
  • Refugee identity cards and travel documents are mandatory.
  • Documents related to a refugee camp, if the applicant is a Nepali refugee.
  • Stamped travel documents are required for applicants other than Nepali refugees.

Police Report in Nagarik App

Nepalese nationals are now able to apply for and download Police Report using the Nagarik App. To use the Nagarik App, on must have the SIM card in his/her own name. Once, you are logged on the Nagarik App, you will be able to see the icon named Police Clearance Report.

After clicking the icon, you can further click the button ‘Request Report’ and fill up the form using your mobile phone or tablet. Please fill up the details and upload PP size photo that is recently clicked.

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After the application is received, it is verified from Nepal Police Headquarter. The issued police report can be downloaded from Nagarik App itself.

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