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Holland Scholarship for International Students in the Netherlands

Holland provides scholarships for non-EEA (European Economic Area) students to study for full-time Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Dutch institutions. Students can choose to study from one of the participating Dutch institutions that are part of the scholarship program.

This program is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science along with different Dutch Institutions of Higher Education. Since the introduction of this scholarship, scores of students from all around the globe have benefitted from this program.

Why study in Holland?

  • Applicants can choose to study from 2,100+ programs in English.
  • Dutch universities are renowned for their world-class research. Students will receive high-quality education along with high value for both their time and money.
  • The Netherlands is one of the safest and happiest nations in the world. Living and obtaining a higher educational experience here is a one-of-a-lifetime experience.
  • The Netherlands is a European heartthrob. Living here will have the rest of the European diaspora at your doorstep.

Period of scholarship

This scholarship is provided once and only in the first year of the study period. For the remaining three years of Bachelor`s and second year of Master’s, students should finance themselves.

Why apply for this scholarship?

You can choose from any full-time programs provided by participating Dutch institutions.

This program is focused to stimulate international talented students from outside the European Economic Area. These students have a higher probability of getting selected and receiving chances to study at world-renowned Dutch universities.

Brief description of Holland Scholarship

Course: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in any subjects provided by Dutch institutions involved in the funding program

Scholarship Award: A total amount of € 5,000 is provided in the first year of studies. It is not a full-tuition scholarship program. So students should finance the remaining financial component of their education and sustenance themselves.

Nationality: Non-EEA students can apply.

No. of Awards: Not specific

Application Criteria

In order to apply for the Holland Government Scholarships, applicants should meet all of the requirements listed below:

  • Applicants should meet all the prior learning requirements of the study program they have applied for.
  • Only applicants outside EEA are eligible for the scholarship.
  • This scholarship is based on the full-time study program. So, students selected for this program will not be to work part-time during the study period.
  • It is mandatory for applicants to not have received any degree from Dutch educational institutions before.
  • Application procedures and requirements vary from one institution to another. So, students should meet the requirements of the universities/ universities of applied sciences they are applying for. Details of eligibility criteria and application procedures can be accessed through the institution’s official website.
  • Essay writing or motivation letter is basically the main way applicants are selected for the scholarship. So, entrants for the scholarship should be able to showcase their academic qualifications, personal qualities, and the importance of the scholarship in their career through the essay they submit to the colleges.

A motivation letter should include:

  • Who you are?
  • Why are you applying for the scholarship?
  • Why do you think you should be selected for the scholarship?
  • Elaborated opinion on the choice of your university, course of study, and reason for the choices
  • Detailed financial plan for funding remaining years of study since the funding is only granted for the first year of the study period.
  • As Holland Government Scholarships are only applicable for the first year of study, the students should bear all the expenses second year onwards- both tuition and living expenses. So, they should showcase they are financially eligible to bear their expenses on their own from the second year of their Bachelor’s or Master’s degree for a Dutch visa. Only after receiving the visa, students will be eligible to study in the Netherlands.

Supporting Documents:

  • Students should submit all academic documents required by the Dutch educational institutions they are applying for. Application to study programs and for scholarships may be different. Please check the website of the respective institution. Apply as they have directed.
  • English Language Requirement: Non-EEA students must take an English test for applying for study rights. They can avoid this if they are native speakers of English.

Deadline for submitting application

Applications for Holland Scholarship for International Students for 2022-23 intake is tentatively from 1st November 2022 to 1st Feb/1st May 2023 (We will update when applications open.). To confirm the deadlines, consult the official websites of institutions of higher education.

Holland universities participating in the scholarship program:

Applicants willing to apply for the Holland Scholarships can choose to study from 2100+ courses of study in one of the participating universities which may change every year. We will update the ones participating for 2023-24. Basically, universities are categorized into:

  1. Research Universities
  2. Universities in Applied Sciences

Application Procedure:

1. Students should select their course of study.

2. Check whether the Holland Scholarship participating institution is providing the scholarship for the selected course of study.

3. Check the application criteria provided on the website of the participating institution.

4. Apply directly at the participating institution through the website within the deadline.

5. For any further details and queries, contact directly with the institution through official mail.

6. After completion of the deadline, the institution will contact applicants if they are awarded with the scholarship.

Additional Details:

Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences has established Netherlands Education Support Offices (NESO) that provides interested students with information on international courses, education programmes or trainings and scholarships provided by Dutch universities. Occassionally, they also organise pre-departure briefings for students preparing to pursue a Bachelor’s or Master’s program. Consultation with NESOs in nearby  location will further enhance applicants knowledge about educational policy and living environment in Netherlands.

As of now, offices of Nesos are established in various parts of the world. Few are:

Neso India

Neso Indonesia

Neso Korea

Neso Russia

Neso Vietnam

Neso South Africa

Students can consult with the Neso office they have easy access to, for further details regarding Holland education and scholarship.

For further details on Holland Government Scholarships, please visit the site provided below:

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