How to Fill up EDV 2024 form

How to Fill up EDV 2024 form

How to Fill up EDV 2024 form

Application system for 2024 Diversity Visa (DV) Program was open from October 5, 2022 to November 8, 2022.

DV program has been taking many individuals from various countries of the world to resettle in the United States. This program still exists today. It’s because the US wants the proportionate in-migration of people from various smaller countries of the world. According to the official US statistics, these smaller countries have been sending a much lesser number of people as immigrants to the USA. USA wishes to make the country culturally diverse. Hence, the program is named Diversity Visa!

The selection of DV Program winners will be done in a randomized lucky draw. If selected in the lucky draw, that person can go through further processes to finally settle in the USA. If s/he has a spouse and dependent children under 18, such family members can accompany him/her in the same process. The notification of winners of EDV 2024 will be announced after certain months. We will update the news on our website when the lucky draw is announced.

It’s not completely safe to fall into the lure of agencies

US Department of State – Bureau of Consular Affairs encourages eligible aspirants to fill out the form and submit the form by themselves. The embassies in various eligible countries of the world have been actively disseminating proper education to the people regarding the process and the practical aspects of it. They discourage any of the aspirants from falling into the luring of so-called agencies or consultancies. These agencies would ask an eligible person to fully rely on them while the same person can apply independently and conveniently. It’s just a matter of little digital literacy!

Act for yourself

One might feel lost with floods of information regarding EDV-2024. One might fear to start. Some others might push the application date further and further till the last minute panicking. Many people in developing countries fully depend on the agencies who fill up the application on behalf of the natural person and family members. Some might get misinformation on various aspects of the application and the process itself.

Practical suggestions, not holy advice!

We on this blog are not going to be one of those providing floods of information or misinformation. We are here to suggest you some pragmatic ideas on how to succeed, at least properly try your luck with EDV-2024.

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Am I eligible?

  1. First check if your country is eligible.
  2. Second, check if your education/work experience qualifies you for the DV Program.

Do I need my Passport and those of family members?

  1. Many people are late in getting their passports. Remember to have your passport ready while you fill up the EDV 2024 form. Check with the official PDF guideline to know if you need passports of your spouse and dependent children. You should provide details of your passport while filling up the form online.
  2. Do not forget to include the names of your spouse and children in the application form.

My head is bursting out when I read those lengthy guidelines …

  1. Many embassies could be offering information sessions on EDV-2024. Attend those sessions and put your questions there. It’s better than asking someone who does not have any credibility to say something on behalf of US Immigration.
  2. Please keep a nice and tidy ‘notebook’ for yourself and write deadlines, requirements and/or whatever you might think is deemed necessary to record for yourself.

What can I do about the photo(s)?

  1. People might have confused about the photo requirement. Your photo must qualify the guidelines provided by the US authorities. Read the PDF guideline and specifically the photo examples page to work accordingly.
  2. We do not suggest this actively, but service centers around the embassies could have a better experience with professional photography in case of US Visa-related requirements.
  3. If you know somebody from your home country who have succeeded in the EDV programs of previous years, just ask them about the photos or anything else. However, finally its you who will decide to act on behalf of yourself.

Follow the official website

Now, almost everybody should have known / must know that one must follow the official website for electronic DV application (popularly called an EDV application).

Sorry, one holy suggestion !

  1. Do not postpone the application to the last week or days. The servers will be super busy these times and might not respond well.