Meeting the ‘Student Tutor’ in Finland

Meeting the ‘Student Tutor’ in Finland

‘Student Tutors’ are the typically existing students in the university or university of applied sciences who guide the new students to the university and the city. Many institutions of higher education recruit the ‘student tutors’ to counsel and help the new students in many practical aspects.

What do student tutors do?

They help in petty yet important areas of student life – viz. receiving from the airport / train station, collecting the keys of student apartments, taking trip around the campus premises, and so on.

The new student – student tutor relationships do not limit here only. They wish to spend quality student life with new students in the city – visiting the city areas, hiking in the outskirts, dining, drinking – all together. The tutors also wish to help the new students providing the essentials for free, or at low cost. Many students could have got unfurnished rooms in the student residences. Some student tutors may provide the entire bedding items, furnitures etc. from the former student or other sources. If you are lucky, you may also get a WiFi router, electric socket converter from them.

Student tutors are human beings, like you.

However, it is not a good idea to expect everything from a ‘student tutor’. They have other new students including you. At least, they provide the most practical ideas to you to go through a smooth transition relocating from your home country to Finland. They can guide and help you in your initial days of life in the city where your institution is located.

Relation with the ‘student tutor’ should be both-way round. If you are organizing something and wish some new friends to come to your student apartment to chat and eat/drink together, do count your student tutor. You might also go outside with friends to play board games, to take part in activities like quizzes; do not forget the ‘student tutors’. They have not chosen to be your ‘student tutor’ for just one objective. They want true and long-lasting friendships. Many student tutors wish to learn about new people and cultures. Perhaps the prime purpose would be to live in the city with vibrant energy radiating from people around them – including you.

My first meeting with my Student Tutor

My student tutor had been in email correspondence with me while I had been living in my home country. She had established a social media chat group for the convenience in our communication. There were also significant number of other tutees than me. She offered her help in many aspects that I have mentioned above.

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In my case, I was also assisted in many ways from the existing students in the student residence where I was going to live. I made connection with few of them already while I had been living in my home country. One of them collected the key to my residence on my behalf. My student tutor was more than ready to collect the keys of my student apartment on my behalf. Her suggestions helped me to get my unfurnished room furnished. I also learned about ‘social media’ groups and group chats which would be used to get free things from the city dwellers.

I arrived in the city at almost midnight. The student tutor was ready to receive me from the train station. I again asked her not to receive me at such time of the night. I was going to take taxi anyway since I had luggage, hand bag and carry bag.

Once, the tutor offered us some used clothes for free if we were interested. I was definitely interested and I chose some clothes. As agreed, I rode on the bike to get in front of the residence of the ‘student tutor’ at the agreed time. She showed up with cheering face and a bag with clothes. We chatted standing by the bike parking area. We talked about studies, career, family life and so on. When the night grew more darker, we decided to depart promising to meet again soon.