Monthly Cost of Living in Finland | Living Cost for a Student in Finland

Monthly Cost of Living in Finland | Living Cost for a Student in Finland

Many students and aspirants have been asking us about ‘cost of living’ in Finland. However, we did not have exact answer to them. An individual can have different pattern of making monthly expenses than another. In fact, every individuals are different in utilising money, and/or saving it. Nevertheless, we have tried to list out the monthly cost of needful for a student and tried to elaborate on the standard living cost and budget living which may be viable for certain summer months only.

Standard Cost of Living for a Student in Finland in 2021

The Finnish Immigration Authorities require you to have at least 6720 Euros per year at your disposal. This signifies that you need to have 6720 Euros / 12 months = 560 Euros per month as the cost of living in 2021.

Super Budget Living

Cost of a second hand bike (Eur 60 / 12 months) – Eur 5

Self Fixing Bike (Eur 60 / 12 months) – Eur 5

Room Rent – Eur 200

Eggs – Eur 5

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Rice / Sphaghetti – Eur 10

Bread – Eur 8

Spreads (Butter) – Eur 2

Fruits / Juice – Eur 20

Vegetables – Eur 20

Milk / Yoghurt etc. – Eur 20

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Internet Data on SIM Card – Eur 25

Total: Eur 320

Now, the question may arise – Can a student survive with only Eur 320? Our answer can be – Yes, maybe for some of the summer months. However, the spring and summer in Finland have been so awesome that you normally tempt to go out. Going out in the happening city will definitely demand some money out of your pocket / card.

In winter, one can not easily ride on the bike on the snowy and slippery conditions. Additionally, the cold temperature can be challenging. Buying one-off transportation tickets at several occasions will be more expensive than buying monthly ticket. For instance, it might cost Eur 3.8 for an hour of public transport. Hence, a student may buy a monthly transportation ticket to use in the city which might cost Eur 50 in a town.

While you are student in Finland, you might need to spend money on several other aspects like beddings, furniture, electronic items and so on. Hence, please be reaffirmed that Eur 320 that I mentioned here is absolutely the cost of the most basic budget living which is not possible in most of the months.

Be Alert !

Oh yes ! Please do not lock yourself out while you are in Finland. In such case, the janitor visit to your residence to let you in with his/her key might cost you around Eur 40. Additionally, save yourself from SCAMs going on across Finland. Scammers have been successful in cheating people in Finland even from across the borders.

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Some More Tips on Budget Living in Finland

  • Buy what you really need. Do not tempt yourself to go shopping if you feel like ‘what to do?’. Even if you have to buy something, look for reduced prices in newsletters. brochures etc. of the markets.
  • Social drinking and eating can be done in your / friends’ residences.
  • Utilise the free nature activities for recreation.
  • Use social media like Facebook Groups, WhatsApp Chat groups, Telegram Platform etc. for getting free and used items for your daily living. Oh yes, the most popular website for getting and giving free and second-hand stuffs across Finland is tori.fi. Make use of it.
  • Do not throw the bottles and cans of drinks. These can be given to the collection machines at the supermarkets. Subsequently, you will get the coupon against those. Those coupons can be reimbursed as cash or can be used to pay for the grocery shopping in the same supermarket.
  • Do not throw the food. You should know the ways of preserving the food for longer time.

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