No Objection Certificate Nepal | NOC Letter in Nepal

No Objection Certificate Nepal | NOC Letter in Nepal

No Objection Certificate Nepal | NOC Letter in Nepal

No Objection Certificate in Nepal is popularly called as NOC Letter. This certificate is prepared by NOC Department of Ministry of Education in order to get the facility of international bank transfer of Nepali Rupees to pay tuition fees and living cost for a student. *

Office Responsible for NOC Certificate: NOC Department, Ministry of Education, Keshar Mahal, Kathmandu (Tel.: +977 1 4444705, E-mail: info.noc@moest.gov.np, Web: https://noc.moest.gov.np/)

* Please keep in mind that this No Objection letter is also required to present at the airport so that the student proves that Nepal’s government has no objection in the student’s pursuit of education abroad.

no objection certificate noc nepal
Portal for getting NOC letter in Nepal

Please bear in mind that there are various restrictions and requirements for Nepalese nationals to avail NOC and consecutive facility to pay tuition fees and living cost. Such restrictions range from minimum GPA, language courses, Japanese language, equivalence certificate (education from another country), country of study, and so on. Additionally, there are fairly more complex requirements for existing medical and healthcare passed outs from Nepal even though they have not been employed. This does not mean that the aspiring students do not get NOC; they just need to prepare the documents mentioned either on https://noc.moest.gov.np/ or later in their online application portal.

Apply for No Objection Certificate | How to Apply for NOC

  1. Go to the web portal at https://noc.moest.gov.np/.
  2. Register with mobile number and email address. You need to verify with OTP code before you make password for your account.
  3. After you are logged in, you need to verify the email address with with token code sent to the inbox of email address you had provided earlier.
  4. On the dashboard of NOC Portal, provide all details on previous academic details, citizenship details, passport details, university you are going to study etc.
  5. If the university and the study programme is not listed on NOC Portal, you can request those. The officers at NOC Department may take 1 working day to add such record.
  6. After the application is submitted, you need to wait for pre-approval of the NOC. Otherwise, you will see some notice(s) in NOC Portal indicating missing document, restriction or ineligibility. You can further work only on missing document. Restriction and ineligibility means that your further process can not be entertained as per the regulations.
  7. If certain certificates are asked, for example- registration/license/pre-approval at NMC, NHPC, NEC, pre-approval from MEC, equivalent certificates etc., you need to work fast on getting those and upload in the portal. For detailed requirements please visit https://noc.moest.gov.np/.
  8. Finally, when your NOC is pre-approved, you need to pay the fees (currntly NRs 2000) at Rastriya Banijya Bank with the account number and reference number provided. You will get a payment slip from the bank.
  9. Collect the payment slip, and all original documents and go to the Keshar Mahal Office (NOC Department, MOE) and get the No Objection Certificate.

Disclaimer: We have prepared this article with the best of our knowledge. It is up to the students to make best use of it. Verifying information with latest scenarios from the respective authority is always suggested.

noc letter no objection certificate
Sample NOC Letter Issued by MoEST, Nepal

NOC Letter in Nagarik App

If you are a Nepali citizen, and you have not yet downloaded and used Nagarik App, you have been missing a lot of digital governance. To use Nagarik App, you need to have a SIM card in your own name.

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In the list of e-governance services, you will see the icon named NOC. When you click the icon, you will be able to apply for NOC using the form by clicking ‘+ Apply NOC’ button. In this segment, you will also be able to download NOC that has already been issued in your name.

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