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Orange Knowledge Programme | Scholarship in the Netherlands

Orange Knowledge Programme to unlock your career opportunities.

Here’s your door up if you’re from one of these countries. Orange Knowledge Programme might be your next career turning point if you are a resident of Bangladesh, Benin, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Colombia, Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Egypt, Guatemala, Guinea, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Liberia, Mali, Mozambique, Myanmar, Niger, Nigeria, Palestinian Territories, Senegal, Somalia, South Africa, Zambia, Rwanda, Sudan, South Sudan, Suriname, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, Vietnam, and Yemen.

Orange Knowledge Program is a scholarship program that is awarded for both short courses study up to a year and also for the master’s program that can be more than 1 or 2 years. The Orange Knowledge Program also called the OKP scholarship scheme is funded by the Dutch government ministry of foreign affairs for students to study in the Netherlands.

OKP contributes to the sustainable development of society and focuses on building the standard of mid-career professionals.

Why Study in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is one of the best countries in the world to pursue your studies. A lot of students from all over the world prefer to study in the Netherlands. The Netherlands has a good reputation among the countries providing high-class education to the students. Here are some of the valid reasons why to study in the Netherlands.

  • In spite of Dutch civilization in the Netherlands, Universities and the Dutch government offer a lot of courses categorizing them into different faculties, duration, and Special focus on territory. The Dutch government provides a lot of short master’s courses in the English language to make it easier for the students.
  • The Dutch government provides quality education courses at an affordable price, compared to other European countries.
  • The Netherlands is one of the most beautiful and developed countries to live in.
  • The Netherlands is also a developed country being home to some famous global companies and a lot of local companies. So, it will be easier to apply your knowledge in working.
  • Students from almost all parts of the world come to the Netherlands for studying and working. So, there will be a great international community to connect and share ideas.

Benefits of the Orange Knowledge Scholarship Program

Orange Knowledge Program offers you scholarships for both the short and long courses to study in the universities of the Netherlands. You can apply for the Orange knowledge program if you are from the above-mentioned countries, either residing or working there. There are a lot of benefits of the orange knowledge program. some of these benefits are listed here.

  • The official door to start studying in the Netherlands.
  • Orange Knowledge lets you get enrolled in varieties of courses in the English language.
  • You can also plan to stay in the Netherlands.
  • Orange Knowledge program gets a good reputation for providing high-quality courses.
  • You can get a chance to get work experience in the Netherlands after graduating.
  • Orange Knowledge helps students with personality development.

Apply for short Courses

If you are residing or a professional expert from the above-mentioned countries, you can apply for joining the short courses program in Holland. The duration of the short course can be from 2 weeks to a year. Short Courses in the Netherlands include a wide range of courses in different disciplines such as law, Humanity, Agriculture, Forestry, Education, Technology, Medical Sciences, Applied Sciences, and many more covering more than 400+ courses.

Guidelines for OKP Scholarship Program for short courses

The application round for the short courses to study in the Netherlands is open until the 28th of June. You can apply for the OKP program if you are from the OKP eligible territory and meet the eligibility criteria to apply for the program. OKP might be one of the best opportunities for you to study in Holland.


These are the eligibility for an applicant for applying for the OKP program.

  • Applicants willing to apply for the OKP program must be motivated along with residing in the OKP country.
  • Applicants are required to be proficient in English or French language.
  • Applicants should be working in the priority areas of the country.

If one meets all the above-mentioned criteria, one can apply for the Orange Knowledge Program.

How to apply?

Here’s a procedure on how to apply for the short course program. Follow these steps and unlock your door to future education.

  • Check the guidelines and eligibility criteria to apply for the program by visiting
  • Check for the course you want to pursue. You can choose the course through a study finder.
  • If you are eligible for applying then you can check the themes that are eligible for your country.

There are several methods of applying for the program. Here are detailed ways of applying for the OKP short courses program

  • Visting the official website of Orange Knowledge Program. One can find detailed information about the courses and program on the official webpage.
  • Application through Studielink.Studielink is an application portal that is issued by Dutch officials for higher study programs in varieties of courses. First of all, one should register at Studielink for most of the programs. For registering you need to decide the institution you want to get enrolled in because most institutes use different methods for the application process.
  • After submitting the applications following all the guidelines before the deadline, your applications will be processed and selections will be done on the basis of rankings.
  • You will be notified by the institutions after your selection has been done.

Rounds of Scholarship Program

These rounds of scholarship programs are scheduled for 2022.

Round 1-

The round 1 OKP scholarship for the masters and short courses . Applications were accepted from the 2nd of February-22nd to March and starting of the class starts between 25 July and 21 November.

Round 2-

The round 2 OKP Scholarship Program is only aimed at short courses. Accepting of applications starts on 11 May-28 June. Classes are aimed to start between 21 November2022-23 February 2023. You can apply for the short course by following the above-mentioned instructions.


The round 3 scholarship is also aimed at short courses. Accepting of applications starts on 31st August-11 October. Classes aimed to start on 20 February 2023 and might end before 31st August 2023.

Guidance to the applicants

Applicants are required to submit their applications following proper instructions and proper information. Studying in the Netherlands can be a good turning point in one’s career. Hardworking and consistency help to achieve the dream.

More details

This article is all about the Orange Knowledge Scholarship Program for students to study in the Netherlands. All the details are according to the Dutch government ministry of foreign affairs. The terms and conditions are per the Dutch rules and institution rules. For more details about the program visit

Thank You for reading this article. Share this article with your friends, families, or relatives. Comments and feedback are highly appreciated. Good luck with your future career.

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