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Pomodoro Technique: A Working Method for Study Focus

I had not been that aware that I can have a simple time management strategy at hand if I wanted to progress well in my studies. Pomodoro Technique is the method that basically divides our focused study and procrastination time into various slots- for example, 25 minutes and 5 minutes respectively.

Pomodoro Technique

This method has been found to work effectively, especially for people who really need frequent procrastination. The only problem that such people face is the takeover of their study time by procrastination activities.

The best way to follow the Pomodoro technique is by using the plugin/extension in the browser, or the small tool when working on a personal computer. One can also use a mobile phone application.

One may say that a 5-minute break may not relieve the stress. 4 consecutive Pomodoros (a cycle of a larger study time and a smaller break time) can be followed by a larger break of 15-20 minutes.

The advantage of the Pomodoro technique just does not lie under the jurisdiction of ‘time management’. It also helps to promote ‘study smart’ than ‘study hard’. Gone are the days of glorifying ‘study hard’- we can only imagine the amount of stress and hardships experienced by the learners of bygone days.

‘Study hard’ have not been found to be more productive when juxtaposed with ‘study smart’. Hence, Pomodoro technique, when applied well (for example significant number of Pomodoro cycles in a session of study), has been believed to be the most efficient focused study method for the ones who have been facing difficulty in focusing on studies.


Dipesh is a teacher, student, and researcher. He started to voluntarily write with StudyWorkGuide in 2021. Since he has achieved many academic- and professional merits in his life, he wants to help other aspiring students achieve the same.

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