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Sample Motivation Letter

This statement presents me, Joe Smith, with background academic- and career-related information. Further, I establish the reason for applying for starting the Degree program at PQR University with a career vision.

I was born on DD MM YYYY in City, Country X. I completed 12 years of school education in YYYY. I joined 3 years Bachelor course in Business Studies in Month YYYY. I have been keeping myself self-motivated in International Business. After completing my bachelors in YYYY, I took part in an extra year of diploma program in ‘international business’ at the University of ABC.

While I was about to be a high-school graduate, I started working in My First Employer Pvt Ltd as a Receptionist from Month YYYY and worked there till Month YYYY. I also worked with Second Employer from Month YYYY to Month YYYY as a Position A while I was in Country A. Then after coming back to Country X in Month YYYY, I started working for SAMPLE Employer Pvt. Ltd as a Position B utilizing my qualification, knowledge, skill, and experience learned in Country A. Now, I want to do further studies and up-skill myself in intercultural issues and communicative issues of the globalizing world.

Country B is a popular destination for international students because of the global ranking of its public universities and is a highly appreciated study destination in Continent X. The qualification that I aspire to achieve in Country B is internationally recognized. Studying in such a beautiful country is really going to be the best opportunity in my life. Hence, I look forward to studying in Country B. The University of PQR is one of the most reputed universities and the Master’s Programme that I have applied for has attracted many foreign students so that they can come back home and utilize their learning in developing organizational settings in international and multicultural contexts. I am more interested in organizational communication, planning, and strategy development. The intercultural experience when I worked in country A and the leadership positions that I have been undertaking in the organizations that I have been working with, have pushed me to motivate for taking such programs.

My career goal is to work in a leading firm that places priority on professionalism and lead such an organization towards the attainment of set goals by making use of knowledge garnered as well as experience.  After completion of my study, I will come back to Country X and work with promising actors in international business. With a visionary mindset after being a graduate of the University of PQR, growing experience, and networks; I might gradually work to start up my own business in the near future and give full effort in the field of business and management. At the same time, I should also contribute to the development of the economy of my country. Being a woman from a developing country, always keep myself willing to transform into a successful organizational manager and contribute to the development of the nation.

I firmly believe that the right candidate in the right school will open doors of advancement in my chosen field of study. I hereby, anticipate a positive response from the University of PQR.


Dipesh is a teacher, student, and researcher. He started to voluntarily write with StudyWorkGuide in 2021. Since he has achieved many academic- and professional merits in his life, he wants to help other aspiring students achieve the same.

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