The first Nepali Woman steering the public bus in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark. Sapna Khadka’s hand is on the steering wheel of the 250’S’ public bus that runs through the main capital of the Danish capital located in Copenhagen. Sapna Khadka additionally also has been riding bus number 14, which is usually running on the other route that is busy located in Narpot. Sapna from the last three weeks is riding a bus in the area that is known as the busiest area of the town.

Rider Sapna has already reached the driving seat of a public transport, facing foreign land and additionally also the Danish language along with the technical problems. Moreover, in Copenhagen the means of transport that is public is known as the vital and really affordable way.

Alongside, the rider of the bus is known as a safe, dignified and respected profession. Sapna is just running in her 29, she is also moreover the first woman who rides a public transport in Denmark. The most amazing part is among 5,000 Nepali citizens, Sapna Khadka is the first woman who rides a public transport.

There are 20 male Nepali bus riders. Talking about male bus rider, Ganesh Dhakal is the first Nepali bus driver in Denmark. Dhakal has been into this driving profession in Copenhagen for almost 10 years.

Sapna, who is from Baglung has completed her five years of instance in Denmark. Sapna lives in Copenhagen along with her husband Mohan Khadka and her two kids.

After getting license of “B” driver in 2019,Sapna received permission to generate a public transport bus after passing separate course connected to bus and passing in practice. Moreover, completing 5 days of training , Sapna received full-time job.

Alongside, after passing the six-week Labor Market Education (AMU) class, she has joined Coolis Company. Now we might also ask what is Coolis, so let us discuss about it , the Coolis comes below the Danish public bus umbrella organization Mubhiya. Sapna is affiliated with the company and drives the bus four days a week.

To Setopati Sapna stated “I heard that it is difficult for others, I passed after hard work and got a job. Cophenhagen’s main city is sensitive and busy, ‘I am just driving here”.

Sapna also said that there is really good earning in this profession. Sapna gets 161 Dennis kroner per hour.

Sapna had been doing other normal work before. “I did job for a permanent job with a lot of speed. I got it after passing the course” , she said.

Sapna also added that she had small children, she did not have enough time for other activities, however she was capable to give much time to her family.

Mohan Khadka Sapna’s husband has supported her in every possible way in this profession. Sapna also told to Setopati that ” From learning Danish language to getting success and doing right things ” my husband has supported me always.

Mohan again added that he is really happy seeing Sapna fulfilling her dreams and learning Danish language . He also said it wasn’t easy but she did it and I am proud of her.

The Khadka couple have a daughter who is 9 years old and a son who is 6 years old.

Sapna suggested to another woman who wanted to drive a public bus to take a bus course by learning the Danish language. Moreover, Sapna added “It is a safe and good profession. It is good for aspiring sisters to work hard” , she suggested to newcomers that we women should not shrink back because we are women.

Ganesh Dhakal who is the initial Nepali bus driver in Denmark also showed his happiness that Nepali women have also joined the profession of the driving buses. Ganesh alongside also stressed on the importance to increase the number of Nepalis in every skilled profession.

Ganesh again stated “I am happy that Bahini Sapna has got a job after passing public bus driving. Bus 5 C is the eco-friendly public bus in Cophengens.

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